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Hispanic and Latinx Scientists

Linda Garcia Cubero (b.1958)

Linda Garcia Cubero.jpg
By Department of Defense photo by Rudi Williams -, Public Domain, Link

Linda Garcia Cubero was the in the first class of women to graduate from the United States Air Force Academy, and the first Hispanic woman to graduate from a service academy in the United States. She continued her education, earning a Master's Degree in Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech. 

Her work in the military led her to serve on national level task forces at the Pentagon. She was also isupervised the design of a commemorative stamp Hispanics who served in America's defense. She earned a Join Service Commendation Medal for her work in the Falkland's Islands Conflict. 

Cubero also served as mentor to Hispanic Air Force cadets and was a volunteer worker in the wider Hispanic community. For her community service she was awarded the 1991 Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Pioneer Award.

After leaving military service, Garcia Cubero worked as a senior systems engineer for GE Aerospace, followed by roles at EDS, Hewlett Packard, adn Falcon Cash Investments.