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Information Literacy Assessment

2016 - 2017 LPN Information Literacy Program Assessment


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Identifying Potential Biased Sources - LPN

Most LPN students did not recognize the need to evaluate all sources before attending the LPN IL class.

Before IL class

After IL class - All students recognized the need to evaluate sources no matter where they were found.


Identifying Scholarly Sources of Information for Nursing Research - Peer Reviewed - LPN

Many LPN students did not know the value of peer reviewed publications before the IL class:

Before IL class

After IL class - All recognized the value of peer reviewed sources.


Search Skills - Using Boolean Operators - LPN

The scores of LPN students improved after the IL class at recognizing selected search skills to refine search results:

Before IL class

After IL class


Student Comments on the LPN Information Literacy Program 2017, Jane's Classes

After completing the LPN information literacy worksheet together, students are given the opportunity to provide anonymous comments on the program. Almost all students participate. The following questions were asked on the Winter 2017 survey. Representative comments from students who attended Jane’s classes are given.

What is the most valuable piece of information you learned about during the orientation?

  • Learning how to use SC4 Library’s website to look up journals & peer reviewed journals.
  • Knowing that I can access the videos we watch in class and have practice tests on BoardVitals for NCLEX.
  • Multiple data base search tools
  • How to access subject specific databases & BoardVitals.
  • The BoardVitals site can help us study.
  • How to find articles with certain words, how to search easier.
  • How to book rooms & research journal articles.
  • I think that learning how to find articles that are already cited is going to be very helpful.

What was the least valuable part of the orientation?

  • It was all good. Great presentation.
  • Nothing, everything was valuable.
  • It was all valuable.
  • Knowing that we can access the dictionary online for free because I already bought it.
  • PowerPoint.
  • It was great!

Do you have any other comments about the orientation?

  • Well informed.
  • Thank you for your knowledge and help!
  • Thank you for your time!
  • She is the most wonderful, friendly woman.
  • Very in depth, good!
  • Put together nicely, needs to be hands on from the beginning and a little shorter, was all valuable.
  • It was well explained.
  • Thank you for showing us so many resources I didn’t know about.

Would you recommend services the library provides, such as help from a reference librarian or using the full text databases, to other SC4 students?

  • Absolutely!
  • Yes! Very helpful.
  • Yes, especially for ENG 102 and the big research paper, to find credible sources.
  • Yes [multiple times]
  • Yes [smiley face]