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Criminal Justice



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Additional links for Prof. Jones' Students

Check out the U.S. Civil Rights and Discrimination in the U.S. library research guides in addition to the resources below.

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Excessive force / Rodney King

Try a combination of the following keywords:

  • "use of force"
  • "police brutality"
  • "police misconduct"
  • "Rodney King"
  • "excessive force"
  • "deadly force"
  • "officer involved shooting"
  • "body cameras" OR "body cams"
  • cameras AND "law enforcement"
  • "police related deaths" OR "police homicides"
  • "men of color"
  • "discrimination in law enforcement"


Michael Brown, Ferguson MO



  • Ferguson AND violence AND cause AND police
  • "Michael Brown" 
  • Erin Gardnes, John Crawford, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland and Freddie Gray
  • (police OR "law enforcement") AND "excessive violence"

Racial profiling and the U.S. Constitution

Some keywords:

  • "racial profiling"
  • "Fourth Amendment" OR "search and seizure"
  • "Fourteenth Amendment" OR "Equal Protection Clause"

Emmett Till


  • "Emmett Till"
  • "civil rights workers"
  • "hate crimes"
  • "racial violence"
  • lynching

Rosa Parks


  • "Rosa Parks"
  • "civil rights workers"
  • "civil rights" AND "United States"
  • segregation
  • "segregation in transportation"
  • "race relations"

Mississippi Burning case - James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner, June 21, 1964

Thurgood Marshall / African American Judges

Police technologies - Drones, Facial Recognition, A.I., Bodycams

Try these search terms:

  • ("law enforcement" OR police) AND "facial recognition"
  • ("law enforcement" OR police) AND ("facial recognition" OR drones OR "Artificial Intelligence" OR "a.i.")
  • drones
  • ("artificial intelligence" OR AI)
  • "body cameras" OR "body cams" OR "body worn cameras" "wearable video devices"
  • cameras AND "law enforcement"
  • technology AND "law enforcement"
  • tasers OR "stun guns"

Police corruption

African American Police Officers

Charlottesville, VA

Some keywords:

  • "domestic terrorism"
  • "violent extremism"
  • "Countering Violent Extremism"
  • "civil liberties"
  • "right to assembly" OR "freedom of assembly" OR "right to protest"
  • "hate speech"
  • "hate crimes"
  • Charlottesville AND policing


Do prisons succeed in rehabilitating prisoners?


  • (recidivism OR rehabilitated OR rehabilitation) AND prison*

Prison Overcrowding

Incarceration Rates of Minorities

Suggested keywords or search strings:

  • (incarceration OR imprisonment) AND (minorities OR "African American" OR Hispanic)

Walking beat / Community policing

Gun Control

Potential keywords

  • "gun control"

Serial Killers

Potential keywords

  • "serial killers"
  • "serial murders"

Sexual assault / Rape

Crime in the Media

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