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Misinformation, Propaganda, and Misleading News

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What is propaganda?

"Propaganda is the advancement of a position or view in a manner that attempts to persuade rather than to present a balanced overview."

"Propaganda." The Concise Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science, edited by W. Edward Craighead, and Charles B. Nemeroff, Wiley, 3rd edition, 2004.

Investigate the author/producer - Lateral Reading

Searching for information about the author or organization responsible for the website, article, or book is an excellent way of evaluating sources. This method is called lateral reading. 

  • Google the author or organization responsible for posting the information. 
  • Search the author/organization in the library's OneSearch box. 


The four minute video "Lateral Reading" created by Robert Detmering, Amber Willenborg, and Terri Holtze from the University of Louisville Libraries gives great ideas on how to investigate author/producers. The UL website also has a nifty handout you may want to download.



Evaluation Tools

Use the tabs across the top for additional materials. 

Articles & Websites

Some keywords to search:

  • journalism AND objectivity
  • "journalistic ethics"
  • "media bias"
  • "critical thinking"
  • reasoning
  • fallacies
  • "fake news"
  • "story framing" OR "framing the news"
  • canard