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Criminal Justice

Finding Scholarly Articles Using the Criminal Justice Database

The Criminal Justice database is an excellent resource to use to find scholarly articles. The video below shows how to use the database. Under the video are written directions. 

The topic for both is racial profiling and the US Constitution. 


Finding scholarly articles using the Criminal Justice Database - Written directions

Example topic: How does the U.S. Constitution apply to racial profiling?

"racial profiling" AND Constitution

The term "racial profiling" is in quotation marks to force the database to search it as a phrase. The AND Boolean Operator is used to narrow results to articles that have both those terms in them. (See Search Strategies for more information.)



Criminal Justice database with search string "racial profiling" AND Constitution

There are over 500 full text items. Narrow to scholarly journals by checking the appropriate box in the left-hand column. Some of the other materials such as Trade Publications may also be of interest to you as a CJ student, but for your assignment, you may want to narrow to the scholarly sources as shown below.


Narrowing results to scholarly publication

You can also date restrict your results in the left-hand column.


Criminal Justice database narrowing by date


The results are now narrowed down to about 200 articles. Below is a screen shot of one of the articles with the elements of the citation and other features pointed out. 


CJ article with citation elements pointed out



Clicking on the Cite button in the right hand column will present you with the article citation in various formats,. Be sure to select APA citation style format for your Criminal Justice classes.