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Discrimination in the U.S.

New Books

Native American Rights & Discrimination

Suggested keywords:

  • "Native Americans"
  • "Native North Americans"
  • "indigenous peoples"
  • "American Indian Movement"
  • "Society of American Indians"
  • "sports team mascots"
  • "Indians as mascots"
  • "cultural appropriation"
  • "cultural borrowing"
  • "social marginality"
  • "Native Americans" AND education

Race & Ethnic Relations in the U.S.

The following are links to additional reading lists. 

Racial Profiling

Try a combination of the following keywords:

  • "use of force"
  • "police brutality"
  • "police misconduct"
  • "Rodney King"
  • "excessive force"
  • "deadly force"
  • "officer involved shooting"
  • "body cameras" OR "body cams"
  • cameras AND "law enforcement"


Gender discrimination / Androcentrism / Misogyny / Income inequity

Potential keywords

  • misogyny
  • "Title IX"
  • "women's rights"
  • "income inequity"
  • "equal pay for women"
  • "pay inequity"
  • "pay equity"
  • "pay inequality"
  • "income inequality"
  • "equal pay"
  • "social inequality"
  • "gender pay gap"
  • androcentrism
  • "sex discrimination in employment"
  • sexism
  • "sexual harassment"
  • "gay rights"

Residential Discrimination / Discrimination in Education

Suggested keywords:

  • "charter schools" AND segregation
  • "segregation in education"
  • "school districts"
  • "racism in education"
  • "discrimination in education"
  • "affirmative action" AND (college* OR school* OR education)
  • "racial inequality" AND (college* OR school* OR education)

Coded Language

Acho, Emmanuel. "Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man."

Incarceration Rates of Minorities

Suggested keywords or search strings:

  • (incarceration OR imprisonment) AND (minorities OR "African American" OR Hispanic)

Charlottesville, VA

Some keywords:

  • "domestic terrorism"
  • "violent extremism"
  • "Countering Violent Extremism"
  • "civil liberties"
  • "right to assembly" OR "freedom of assembly" OR "right to protest"
  • "hate speech"
  • "hate crimes"


Confederate Monuments

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