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Professional Development Committee

January 2021 In-Service Agenda

Dr. Janet Zadina

Keynote: Dr. Janet Zadina

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Tulane University Health Sciences Ctr, 2003-2006
  • Ph.D. Univ. of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA 2003
  • Harvard Graduate School of Education: Mind, Brain, and Education Institute, 2002
  • Reading Specialist Certificate, Univ. of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA: 1979
  • M.Ed., Univ. of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA: 1975,
  • B.S., Indiana University, Bloomington, IN: 1971

Recognize, Recover, Renew, Rewire! Science and Strategies for Anxiety, Stress, and Trauma

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It is not whether you have stress that harms you.  The issue is whether you recover from these stressful episodes. Sometimes we experience traumatic situations that could, if not addressed, cause a lifetime of problems.  Research indicates that it is important to engage in recovery strategies as soon as possible after the trauma, but it is never too late to recover, renew, and rewire!

In this presentation you will learn about how to recognize signs of stress and the science of how it affects your brain.  You will also engage in stress-reduction activities so that you can experiment and find something that works for you personally.  You will leave this presentation more relaxed and with a toolbox of strategies to handle anxiety, stress, and trauma.

Recognize:  Learn to recognize and understand how stress affects your body and how it can accumulate and progress to chronic problems so that you can intervene.

Recover:  Learn strategies for recovering in the moment when you are experiencing stress. 

Renew:  Discover what research says changes and renews your physiology.

Rewire:   Under periods of acute stress or trauma, people wire some pathways of stress or trauma responses that are not beneficial for long term wellness and happiness. Experience strategies that research shows can rewire your brain toward more positive experiences.

Mindfulness - Dr. Suzanne O'Brien

​​Dr. Suzanne O'Brien: The Koru Mindfulness Program for College Students and Staff


Suzanne is in the process of completing her portfolio requirements to become a certified Koru mindfulness teacher. Koru is an accredited program of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) classes especially for college students developed by research practioners at Duke University. As part of this process, she did a three- day retreat with MBSR founder, Jon Kabat Zinn, a five-day silent retreat with Beaumont Hospital, led by a facilitator from Brown University’s Mindfulness program, the MBSR eight-week course at Ann Arbor’s Center for Mindfulness, and a course in teaching mindfulness in Prison with Dr. Fleet Maul, the founder of the Mindfulness-based Emotional Intelligence (MBEI) program and the Prison Mindfulness Institute. She will be offering opportunities for mindfulness classes and workshops in the community through Duke’s Koru program.

Please visit the Mindfulness library research guide

Book Discussion: Epidemics and Society: From the Black Death to the Present

Book Discussion: Epidemics and Society: From the Black Death to the Present 

Unlimited copies of the ebook are available through the SC4 library. You will be prompted to log in with your SC4 portal username (up to the @ symbol) and password.