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Professional Development Committee

Distinguished Faculty Award Guidelines

St. Clair County Community College

                                 Distinguished Faculty Award Guidelines

The Distinguished Faculty Award conveys upon recipient’s recognition by their peers of excellent professional contributions to St. Clair County Community College.  Any recipient returning to teach at the College the following fall will receive a $1000 award to be used for personal professional development.  If the recipient is not returning, the monetary award will be given to the returning faculty member receiving the next highest number of votes.  All nominees over a three-year period are put into a pool for consideration for funding to attend the annual NISOD Conference.  In addition, the nominees for the Distinguished Faculty Award are automatically nominated for the NISOD Excellence in Teaching Award.

Any full-time faculty member may submit a nomination for the award; nominees may be selected from any full-time faculty in any department or division in the College.  Such nominations should be made in a one- to two-page letter, detailing the reasons for recommending that person, using the criteria listed below.  A nomination letter may be written and signed by no more than three full-time faculty members.  A faculty member may nominate only one person each year.

Letters of nomination will be reproduced to present the nominees to the entire faculty for their consideration.  The selection will be determined by a vote of the full-time faculty.  Signed one- to two-page letters of nomination should begin: “I nominate                                     for the Distinguished Faculty Award.”  Following should be a statement in one’s own words why the nominee should receive the Award.  The following criteria should be used as guidelines and specific examples included when possible.

            I.          Job Performance (Teaching or Non-Teaching Faculty)

                        II.        College Service

                                                A.         Work within a department/division

                                                B.         Active committee work and leadership roles beyond the department within the College

                                                C.         Special projects/committees

                                                D.        Achievements deserving special recognition

                        III.       Professional Growth

                                            A.         Conferences, Institutes, workshops, courses attended (local, state, and national)

                                                B.         Professional memberships and leadership roles, including committee work

                                                C.         Presentations, publications

                                                D.        Recognition by scholarships or awards

                        IV.       Community Service

                                                A,         Civic/cultural/community contributions

                                                B.         Non-professional organizations: membership and committees      and/or offices held

Winners of the Distinguished Faculty Award

2020      David Webb

2019      Becky Lubbers, Chris Hilton

2018      Laurie Lamont

2017       Suzanne O’Brien

2016       Sue Doherty

2015       Julie Armstrong

2014       Carol DesJardins

2013       Cindie Wade

2012       Janice Fritz

2011       David Korff

2010       James Berry

2009       Jane Lewandoski

2008       Scott Fernandez

2007       Gary Schmitz

2006       James Frank

2005       David “Buz” McNash

2004       Matt Morabito

2003       H.C. Snyder

2002       Robert Collins

2001       John Lusk

2000       Marilyn VanderEsch

1999       James Guyor

1998       Judith M. Martin

1997       Thomas Obee

1996       James Maywar

1995       Linda E. Flickinger

1994       Thomas Mooney

1993       Gail Johnson

1992       Nancy Nyitray

1991       Frederick Adolph

1990       David Korff

1989       Susanna Defever

1988       Richard Colwell

1987       Doris Lloyd

1986       Elwin Hartwig

1985       Marge Boal

1984       Margaret Wedge

1983       Janet Kelly, Wayne Claflin, Susanna Defever

1982       Eleazar Curti, Paul Schmitt, Robert Tansky