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How to Use the Library Databases

This library research guide provides an introduction to using the library databases.

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The SC4 Library subscribes to over 200 databases, some built to specialize, some built to generalize resources. If you are looking for a specific resource, this guide will assist you in selecting, searching, and using these databases.


What Is a Database?

database is a:  large collection of data organized especially for rapid search and retrieval (as by a computer).

Basically, a database is an electronically organized catalog, index, and container for published information such as journal, newspaper, and magazine articles, as well as ebooks, streaming video and audio files.

A database is either general or subject/discipline specific and is searchable by keyword, subject, author, or title. 

Library databases vary in content and design, many provide  provide scholarly and peer-reviewed sources that are appropriate to use for academic research and writing.

Finding the Databases


The easiest place to find the databases is in one of the two places on the library home page as shown below.

In the Search Menu on the Library's website header:

Search Menu Databases


In the Database link in the middle of the Library's homepage.

Highlighting Database Link


Either link will redirect the website to the Library's Database Collection. The databases are listed in alphabetical order. For more on selecting a database, go to the "Database Selection" tab.

Library Database Collection



The SC4 Library also has a Search option that allows the user to search the entire Database collection. The result list will contain materials from multiple databases and can be filtered to the users needs.

Search the Library



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