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ENG 101 Dr. O'Brien

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Articles for ENG 101 Winter 2019 Unit 2: Concept Paper

Articles for ENG 101 Winter 2019 Unit 2: Concept Paper

Using the databases to find a topic

Try browsing the databases below to find a topic of interest to you or search the main search box on the library homepage at

Suggested search terms:

  • obedience AND (aggression OR violence)
  • "group dynamics"
  • "social influence"
  • ethic*
  • torture
  • victims [be careful here - maybe try followers instead]
  • followers
  • authority
  • "moral heroes"
  • dominance


Motivation to do the right thing (not texting while driving, etc.)

Potential keywords

  • "decision making"
  • motivation
  • motivation AND "social aspects"
  • "good and evil" AND "psychological aspects"
  • cooperation
  • motivation AND reward*
  • "delayed gratification"
  • motivation AND "risk taking"
  • "self control"
  • desire

Resources for class


Some of the links below may prompt you for a login. Please use your SC4 portal username and password. 

Stanford Prison Experiment

Juvenile Lifers



Research using Human Subjects

Guidelines for conducting research using human subjects

Suggested keywords to combine:

  • "human subjects" AND research AND ethic* AND apa
  • "human experimentation in psychology" AND ethic*
  • "human experimentation" AND ethic*
  • "codes of ethics" AND psychologists
  • "research ethics"

APA Human Research Protection website

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