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Backpack Literature Textbook

2017, 5th edition

Backpack Literature

  • ISBN 978-0134582498 or 0134582497
  • Pearson
  • 2017
  • Fifth Edition

Resources listed on this guide are intended to accompany the 5th edition of the Backpack Literature textbook. Many of the writing samples found in this text are available through SC4 library or are freely available on the web. When accessing library resources from an off campus location, you may be prompted to log in using your SC4 Portal username and password. For assistance, visit our off-campus login support page

Note that not all content contained in the Backpack Literature textbook is found on this site, and that this is a working document. Additional content may be added as it is located. 


1. Reading a story

2. Point of view

3. Character

4. Setting

5. Tone and Style

6. Theme

7. Symbol

8. Stories for Further Reading


9. Reading a Poem

10. Listening to a Voice

11. Words

12. Saying and Suggesting

13. Imagery

14. Figures of Speech

15. Sound

16. Rhythm

17. Closed Form

18. Open Form

19. Symbol

20. Myth and Narrative

22. Poems for Further Reading



23. Reading a Play

24. Modes of Comedy: Tragedy and Comedy

25. The Theater of Sophocles

26. Theater of Shakespeare

27. The Modern Theater


29. Writing about Literature