Off-campus access step by step

All SC4 eResources are accessible from off campus. 

When attempting to access a subscribed eResource from the SC4 library website you will need the following:

1. 7-digit student ID / SC4 ID# (found within your WAVE profile on the SC4 Portal, or, contact Enrollment Services)

2. Skipper OneCard barcode (found on the back of your Skipper OneCard photo ID). 

The login screen should look similar to the image below. Successful login will redirect you to the eResource. The login session is good for the duration of your browser session, but may time out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

off campus access login screen screenshot  


If you do not have a Skippers OneCard or a library card, but are a current SC4 student, please contact the library for temporary access. Visit room 201 of the SC4 Welcome Center to obtain a Skippers OneCard.

International students, students under the age of 16, and online only students should contact the library (810) 989-5645 for access, as they may not be eligible or required to obtain a Skippers OneCard. 

Technical requirements

SC4 Library's off-campus access is compatible with all major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and is accessible via computer, tablet or mobile device.

Be sure to set your browser to accept cookies. 

Trouble logging in?

Are you using the correct username/password combination?

Be sure to enter your full SC4 ID# including any preceding zeros. The number is 7 digits in length and can be found in multiple locations, including your WAVE profile within the SC4 Portal, on registration paperwork, or by contacting Enrollment services. 

The Skippers OneCard barcode is the number found on the back of your card. If you have ordered a Skippers OneCard and have not yet received it, please contact the library for temporary access.

Are you a current student or employee? 

Only current students, staff, and faculty and registered members of the alumni association may access SC4 eResources from off campus. If you are a student and are not currently registered for any classes, your access is suspended until your next registered term.

Do you have library fines?

Any SC4 library with fines totaling $10 or more will have their off-campus access revoked until fines have been settled. Please contact the library for more information on overdue and lost item fees associated with your account. You can check for blocks associated with your account online through the library catalog here.


Contact the library

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Kendra Lake
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Director of Library Services
Office (810) 989-5645
Library main (810) 989-5640
Library fax (810) 989-5773