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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Information Literacy Project / Discussion

In August 2019, the following news report appeared on the local NBC news station (

Study: Police use-of-force among leading cause of death for black men. Study shows police killings are deeply systematic with race, gender


  1. Should you use the newspaper article in your research paper?
  2. What would be a better source of information?

To find the original research article, you can Google keywords of the news article:

University of Michigan Institute for Social Research AND police AND "use of force"

In addition to the news article from WDIV ClickonDetroit, you will find reference to the study conducted by the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research. A search of the Institute's press releases led to this report which then linked to the study.

The full text of the study is not available for free on the internet.


  1. As an SC4 student, how could you find the full text of the article without paying for it?

Type in the title of the article in the SC4 library Onesearch box, The published version is titled "Risk of police-involved death by race/ethnicity and place, United States, 2012-2018," and was published in the American Journal of Public Health.


  1. Where did the researchers gather the data and statistics for their study? You will need to read through "Risk of police-involved death by race/ethnicity and place, United States, 2012-2018" to find the information.
  2. Who is the author of Fatal Encounters? HINT: Click on About / About me.
  3. Is Fatal Encounters a reliable source of information?
  4. Is the information given still valuable to the topic?

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