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Sociology 201 Minority Relations

Civil Rights Act, Title VII

Suggested keywords or search string:

  • "civil rights" AND (lesbian OR gay OR homosexual* OR transsexual* OR transgender OR bisexual)
  • "GLBT persons"
  • "gay rights"

Gender Inequality in Animation

Suggested keywords:

  • (animation OR manga OR anime or "video games" OR gaming) AND "gender inequality"

Rise of White Nationalism

Some keywords:

  • facism
  • "white nationalism"
  • "white supremacists"
  • "hate crimes"
  • "domestic terrorism"
  • "violent extremism"
  • "Countering Violent Extremism"
  • "civil liberties"
  • "right to assembly" OR "freedom of assembly" OR "right to protest"
  • "hate speech"


Roles of women & religion

Incarceration Rates of Minorities

Suggested keywords or search strings:

  • (incarceration OR imprisonment) AND (minorities OR "African American" OR Hispanic)