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Sociology 201 Minority Relations

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Gender discrimination / Income inequity

Potential keywords

  • "Title IX"
  • "women's rights"
  • "income inequity"
  • "equal pay for women"
  • "pay inequity"
  • "pay equity"
  • "pay inequality"
  • "income inequality"
  • "equal pay"
  • "social inequality"
  • "gender pay gap"
  • "sex discrimination in employment"
  • sexism
  • "sexual harassment"

Cultural appropriation

Some keywords to try:

  • "cultural appropriation"
  • "cultural borrowing"
  • "social marginality"

Educational opportunities for girls in Africa

Keywords to try:

  • "gender discrimination"
  • "equal education"
  • Africa AND (education OR schools)

Race & Ethnic Relations in the U.S. & Related Topics

Residential segregation

Use a combination of the following terms to create your search string:

  • "charter schools" AND segregation
  • "segregation in education"
  • "school districts"

Educational attainment by race / class / gender

Try using a combination of the following terms:

  • "affirmative action" AND (college* OR school* OR education)
  • "racial inequality" AND (college* OR school* OR education)
  • "Grutter v Bollinger"

Native Americans - Discrimination


Suggested databases and keywords

Suggested keywords:

  • "Native Americans"
  • "Native North Americans"
  • "American Indian Movement"
  • "Society of American Indians"
  • "sports team mascots"
  • "Indians as mascots"
  • "Native Americans" AND education

Environmental discrimination..Inuit Peoples of Northern Canada (Clyde River)

Suggested keywords:

  • seismic AND (blasting OR testing OR program)
  • "Clyde River" AND Inuit [to find information about the Inuit on the Clyde River]
  • oil

See also material on "Dakota Access Pipeline"


GMOs / Genetically Modified Organisms

Potential keywords:

  • ("genetically modified food" OR "genetically modified organisms" OR GMO OR GMOs)
  • "genetically altered foods"
  • "bioengineered food"
  • ("health aspects" OR health)