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Canvas Resources for Faculty

This library research guide provides resources and information related to using Canvas as an instructor.

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Adding E-Books

1. Use OneSearch or one of the ebook databases to find the book you would like to add.

To add an ebook in Canvas:


Depending on the database, the permalinks may be in different areas of the screen or have different names.

See the "Locating the Permanent Link or Permalink" page for more information on permalinks.

In EBSCOhost databases, the permalink is shown below. Clicking on the permalink symbol (1) will bring up the actual permalink (2).

ebsco ebook permalink



In ProQuest databases, you will want to look for "Share link to book" as shown below.

proquest share link to book



Clicking the Share link to book will open a pop-up window, shown below.

share link to ebook


You may now copy and paste the URL into your Canvas course.


Adding Books from the Catalog

1. Use OneSearch to find the book you would like.

To find print books, make sure that "Library Catalog" and "Books/Ebooks" are the filters you select.

searching for print books


2. For example, I'd like to add the book from the first result to my Canvas course.

Clicking on that book will show the book in the catalog as shown below. 

You may copy and paste this URL to use in Canvas.

link in catalog


To add this book in Canvas:


3. After selecting the module you would like to add books to, look for the + sign as shown below.

plus symbol adding item


4. Clicking on the + button will open a pop-up window, shown below.

Click on the Add option to bring up a drop-down menu, then select External URL.

add external url in canvas


5. Paste the URL into the box as shown below.

You may also want to add the title of the book in the Page Name field.

url add name and add item

6. Now the book is added to the course, and when clicked on, will show the book in the library catalog.

book added in canvas example


Below is the book (in the library catalog) in Canvas.

book added to canvas