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PN 185 Information Literacy Program

Nursing Databases

The SC4 library subscribes to a number of excellent nursing and allied health databases. When looking for research articles, it is sometimes easiest to use a nursing database to find information because it automatically narrows down your results to medical information.

CINAHL Ultimate is the largest nursing database. CINAHL stands for Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature. Although it does not matter whether you begin your search using the OneSearch, the library's federated search, or a subject specific database such as CINAHL Ultimate, using CINAHL will automatically narrow your results to nursing materials. 

Below is a video showing how to use CINAHL Ultimate. Written directions for how to find a research article in CINAHL follow the video. You may choose to view whichever if more convenient for you. 

Searching CINAHL for research articles - video

Using CINAHL Ultimate to Find an Original Research Article - Written Directions

You can limit your search results to research articles in CINAHL. They may or may not include the term "original" on the full text. You cannot successfully search the term: "original research"


Begin by finding CINAHL Ultimate either using the A to Z Databases link on the library homepage to by using the Nursing Library Research Guide. 


Entered below is the search string: "breast feeding" AND nursing

To narrow the results to research articles, check the Research Article box as indicated.


"breast feeding" AND nursing



If you would like to narrow your results to current articles, use the date scroll bar in the left-hand column of your results. 

last 5 years


The results are narrowed to articles published from 2018 to date. 



The 13th article in the result list looks relevant to the topic. 



number 13


More information about the article and a link to the PDF is given by clicking on the title.




article abstract

Selected Nursing Databases

Nursing Video Databases