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Search the library databases with OneSearch. Use the filters to narrow the results.

Search tips
  • Use several different search terms and phrases.
  • Note useful subjects or descriptors.
  • Combine different terms with the AND Boolean operator to narrow your search results.


Suggested terms for the ADN death and dying assignment:

  • ("terminal care" OR "palliative care" OR "end of life" OR funerals) 
  • funeral*
  • "cross cultural studies"
  • death - social aspects
  • ("transcultural care" OR "transcultural nursing")
  • "medical anthropology"
  • "intercultural communication"
  • "terminal care" AND "religious aspects"

Suggested for the nursing AND [country OR ethnic group]:

  • (nursing OR nurse*) AND [your country OR ethnic group]
  • [your country OR ethnic group] AND ("medical care" OR "medical policy" OR "health care")
  • "transcultural nursing"
  • [Your country or culture] AND (food OR nutrition)

Suggested terms for the health care AND [country]:

  • "health care"
  • "medical care"
  • "medical policy"
  • [your country] AND ("medical care" OR "medical policy" OR "health care")
  • "cross cultural comparison"


How to use OneSearch for the Cultural Assessment Assignment - video

Using OneSearch for the Cultural Assessment Assignment

You can use OneSearch to find scholarly articles, books, and academic videos on almost any topic. Below is a written example of using OneSearch to find information for the Cultural Assessment Assignment. You may also want to check the Cultural Assessment Library Research Guide for more help on the assignment. 

For this example, the following search string was used: (Jewish OR Judaism OR Israel) AND (death OR dying OR “end of life”) AND nursing

(See Search Strategies if you would like help with your search terms.)

Jewish end of life search string


Narrow the search results to Full Text Online, if desired. 


Jewish end of life OneSearch results


The first article listed in the results is shown below. 




Jewish end of life first article listed


There are multiple ways to save the article:

  • Save the PDF, if available, to your laptop.
  • Email the article to yourself from the OneSearch results.
  • Save the permalink. The permalink or permanent link is the link you would need to find the article again from on or off campus. The link in your internet browser address bar will not work from off campus. 

OneSearch will also show you how to cite your article. Be sure to choose APA format for Nursing assignments. 


Jewish end of life Summon how to cite


Clicking on the title of the article should link you directly to the database where you can usually find an abstract or summary of the article and the full text. Use the PDF link to the full text, if available, because it is easy to save on a laptop. 


Jewish end of life article abstract & elements


Most databases will provide a link to citing the article. The OneSearch result screen will also show you how to cite if it is not available in the database. 




Jewish end of life citation from database


Occasionally, you may come across articles that are not full text  online. You may request  journal articles or print books by completing an interlibrary loan form


All Cultures

All Cultures

Use the tabs across the top of this box for additional information.

Culture & Food / Nutrition


  • (food OR diet) AND culture AND [your culture or country]

Israel / Jewish / Judaism


  • (Jewish OR Judaism OR Israel) AND (death OR dying OR “end of life”) AND nursing

Christianity / Roman Catholic

Islam / Islamic / Muslim

India / Hindu

Pakistan / Muslim




Japan / Buddhism

African nations

African Americans




Potential keywords

  • Poland AND (nursing OR nurse*)
  • (Poland OR Polish) AND (food OR nutrition)

Jamaica / Jamaican


(Jamaica OR Jamaican) AND ("palliative care" OR "end of life") AND nursing


Macedonia / Macedonian

Find out if the country / ethnic group practices a predominate religion. For example, in Macedonia, about 60% of the people practice Eastern Orthodox and 35% are Muslim.  (See Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices link below.) Religious traditions can influence end of life care. An electronic reference book is a good source to find this information. 

Suggested keywords:

(Macedonia OR Macedonian) AND ("end of life" OR palliative) 

"Eastern Orthodox" AND ("end of life" OR palliative)