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St. Clair County Community College Library

ENG 075 Dr. O'Brien

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Social Media and family life, mental health


  • "social media"
  • Facebook OR Twitter OR Instagram
  • "social media" AND "psychological aspects"
  • "social media" AND family
  • "social media" AND depression

Ban on Vaping or e-Cigarettes

Suggested keywords:

  • "e-cigarettes" AND health
  • (vaping OR "e-cigarettes" OR "electronic cigarettes") AND (teens OR teenagers OR "college students") AND (advertising OR marketing)

Gaming and brain function

No Kill Shelters

Physical Education

Support for families with an active alcoholic

Educational policies of Finland

Suggested keywords

  • teaching AND Finland
  • education AND Finland

Criminal Justice

Self Driving Cars

Student Achievement

Suggested keywords

  • "student achievement" 
  • "academic achievement"
  • "study skills"

Student Achievement and Class Size

Marijuana industry in Michigan

College Students & Depression

Suggested keywords:

  • "college students" AND depression
  • "college students" AND "mental health"
  • "college students" AND ("mental health" OR depression)
  • suicide AND "college students"
  • "stress management"
  • "stress management" AND "college students"