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ENG 075 Dr. O'Brien

Michigan Dogman


  • Michigan AND (folklore OR legends)
  • "Michigan dogman"
  • "Steve Cook"    [DJ who wrote the song "The Legend"]
  • "urban legends"
  • "unexplained phenomena"
  • hoaxes
  • factoid
  • "Burning Man"

Other Folklore, Legends, Hoaxes --- Cryptozoology

Suggested keywords:

  • Bigfoot OR Sasquatch
  • "War of the Worlds"
  • "Loch Ness Monster"
  • yeti OR "abominable snowman"
  • cryptozoology
  • factoid
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Misinformation & Propaganda

Some keywords to search:

  • journalism AND objectivity
  • "journalistic ethics"
  • "media bias"
  • "critical thinking"
  • reasoning
  • fallacies
  • "fake news"
  • "story framing" OR "framing the news"

What is a factoid?


Conspiracy theories