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St. Clair County Community College Library

ENG 075 Dr. O'Brien

Gun Control / Red Flag Laws

Potential keywords

  • "gun control"

Fast food

Potential keywords:

  • obesity
  • obesity AND prevention
  • "obesity in children"
  • "body image"
  • "eating disorders"
  • "fast food"
  • nutrition OR diet
  • "food habits"



Vaping or e-cigarettes

Suggested keywords:

  • "e-cigarettes" AND health
  • (vaping OR "e-cigarettes" OR "electronic cigarettes") AND (teens OR teenagers OR "college students") AND (advertising OR marketing)

Future of Sports

English Language & People

Sex Trafficking

College athletes & pay to play

Training Teachers to meet needs of students with learning disabilities

First offence DUIs

Piercing Babies' Ears



Minimum Wage / Living Wage


  • "minimum wage"
  • "living wage"
  • "wages and salaries"

Confederate Monuments / Confederate Flag

Fracking and investment capital

Social Media and family life, mental health


  • "social media"
  • Facebook OR Twitter OR Instagram
  • "social media" AND "psychological aspects"
  • "social media" AND family
  • "social media" AND depression