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This library research guide provides an introduction to library resources related to Geography courses.

Michigan Geography Resources

eBooks are accessible online, and many are available for download or 2 week check out.

Circulating books may be checked out in 3 week intervals.

Growing Up Green

Growing Up Green profiles a unique statewide, hands-on environmental education program in Michigan, the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative. For the very first time, both rural and urban schools across the state are working to increase academic performance by involving students in local efforts to improve the environments they inhabit.


Great Lakes

In this program, geologists delve deep into an underground salt mine, investigate a fossilized coral reef, climb an Alpine glacier, and dive to the bottom of Lake Superior—all to understand the evolution of the Great Lakes


Requiem for Detroit?

Major topics include industrialization, the birth of suburbs and consumerism, black migration and white flight, race relations, unionization, economic decline, and community renewal—all set to a soundtrack by famous Detroit musicians.

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