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This library research guide provides an introduction to library resources related to Geography courses.


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Best Bets

Physical Geography

For use in Bob Hunckler's GEO 101 class.


ScienceDirect College Edition Database

ScienceDirect is the world's largest electronic collection of science, technology, and medicine full-text and bibliographic information.

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Earth Science Research Guide

This library research guide provides an introduction to resources related to Earth Science.

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The Power of Place: Geography for the 21st Century Series

This 26-part Annenberg Learner series teaches the geographic skills and concepts that are necessary to understand the world. Geography educators and content experts from around the globe shed light on the physical, human, political, historical, economic, and cultural factors that affect people and natural environments. Maps, animation, and academic commentary bring into focus case studies from 50 sites in 36 countries.

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