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Communications Media

This library research guide provides an introduction to library resources related to Communications Media courses.

Audiovisual Resources

Streaming videos are viewable online. Search for more using the Films on Demand Database or AVON: Academic Video Online.

Mashed Media: The Changing Face of Journalism

From the offices of insolvent newspapers to the vibrant yet uncertain online publishing scene, journalists are struggling to reinvent a troubled industry. This program follows bloggers, hackers, independent publishers, and social media mavericks working in the trenches of Chicago, a hub of digital media innovation.



History of Communications Media

Journalism: Yesterday and Today

Judging from headline news reports, the evolution of broadcast and print journalism may seem abrupt, but in truth it has been going on for decades. The NewsHour taps longtime industry insiders to provide perspective on the Fourth Estate in flux in this video compilation—a mix of classic and recent segments.