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How to Find Data and Statistics

This library research guide provides an introduction to library resources related to finding data and statistics.

Data Repositories

A data repository is also known as a data library or data archive. This is a general term to refer to a data set isolated to be mined for data reporting and analysis. The data repository is a large database infrastructure —  several databases — that collect, manage, and store data sets for data analysis, sharing and reporting.

Specialist Repositories

Generalist Data Repositories

Institutional Data Repositories

Learning Opportunities with Data Repositories

Data Citation

APA Data Set Citation Example

O’Donohue, W. (2017). Content analysis of undergraduate psychology textbooks (ICPSR 21600; Version V1) [Data set]. ICPSR.

  • Parenthetical citation: (O’Donohue, 2017)
  • Narrative citation: O’Donohue (2017)

More Information From APA Style 

DRYAD Data Set Citation Style

Author (Date of Article Publication) Data from: article name. Dryad Digital Repository. doi: DOI number.


Heijink, Britte et al. (2022), Long-term fire and vegetation change in northwestern Amazonia, Dryad, Dataset,