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Misinformation, Propaganda, and Misleading News

Fake News Topic Page from Credo

What is Propaganda? Topic from Credo

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What is fake news?

  • Information that contains clearly and demonstrably false information.
  • Information from sources/organizations who do not care about their long term reputation.


"You Say Fake News, I Say Misinformation: What’s in a Term"

What is propaganda?

"Propaganda is the advancement of a position or view in a manner that attempts to persuade rather than to present a balanced overview."

"Propaganda." The Concise Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science, edited by W. Edward Craighead, and Charles B. Nemeroff, Wiley, 3rd edition, 2004.

Some keywords to search:

  • journalism AND objectivity
  • "journalistic ethics"
  • "media bias"
  • "critical thinking"
  • reasoning
  • fallacies
  • "fake news"
  • "story framing" OR "framing the news"
  • canard

What is a factoid?


Fake News

A Student's Guide to Critical Thinking

Dan Ariely, Duke University, James B. Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics