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Banned Books Week

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Book Censorship, Challenges, and Bans

Believe it or not, books are still being banned.
  • While Supreme Court rulings supporting freedom of speech via the written word had for many years greatly reduced instances of books being banned, recently there has been a rise in books being banned from schools by politicians. In a recent study, "Banned in USA", PEN America, an organization of Poets Essayists and Novelists, found that between July 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022 there were at least 1586 instances of books being banned.

The First Amendment of our Constitution guarantees all of us the freedom to read.
  • The Library Bill of Rights, a foundational document of the library profession, states libraries should challenge censorship and present all points of view, for the enlightenment of all people.

In 2016, for the first time in Top Ten history, a book was challenged solely because of its author.
  • Bill Cosby’s Little Bill series was challenged because of sexual allegations against the author.

Challenges continue to target LGBT material, and there is a rise in “sexually explicit” as a challenge category.
  • The Office for Intellectual Freedom compiles the Top Ten list by documenting public challenges (challenges that are reported in the media), as well as censorship reports submitted through the office’s reporting form.


All artwork, quotes, and statistics courtesy of the American Library Association,