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Below is some general information about A.J. Theisen and the Theisen building taken from articles available in the Vertical File, a collection of newspaper clippings, pamplets, and brochures in the SC4 Library.  This material is not available in a digital format. Please contact a reference librarian for access to the Vertical file.

The following information is taken from the March 31, 2008, issue of the Erie Square Gazette from an article written by Brad Goldin. 

Alexander J. Theisen:

  • Born March 23, 1886, in Port Huron, Michigan
  • Drove an ambulance for the Red Cross during World War II
  • Organizer of the Great Lakes Foundry Company
  • Managed Henry McMorran's finances for 54 years
  • Oversaw construction of the Clara E. Mackenzie Building on behalf of McMorran
  • Set aside $217,000.00 from his own estate for a new vocational & technical building (see article below for a different account of how much money Theisen donated)
  • Died on May 2, 1970

The A.J. Theisen building was dedicated on February 22, 1970

Roberta Stevenson, in a Port Huron Times Herald article dated June 14, 1997, gave the following information about the A.J. Theisen building and Mr. Theisen:

  • Alexander J. Theisen donated $1.2 million for construction of the A.J. Theisen building.
  • The clock on the outside of the building was purchased for $2,655.00 by the SC4 Alumni Association and installed in 1997.

The Vertical File in the SC4 Library contains more information about the history of the College and Port Huron.  Please contact a reference librarian for access to this material.

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