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This library research guide provides information about podcasts as well as recommended podcasts by topic.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is defined as a:

"Digital recording which may contain sound, picture, or video files, and which is made available on the Internet for others to download and listen to on computers or personal digital audio players. The term originated in 2004 from the words ‘iPod’ (Apple's personal digital audio player) and ‘broadcast’."


Basically, a podcast is a digital radio program focused on a specific topic or theme and can be listened to on a smartphone, a computer, or another Internet-connected device.

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How Do I Listen to Podcasts?

Apps for Listening to Podcasts

How Do I Find Podcasts?

This library guide will direct you to podcasts on a wide variety of topics.

To search for more podcasts, check out one of the podcast-specific sites or search engines below.

How Do I Create a Podcast?

You can create a podcast simply by recording yourself on your computer (or smartphone) and uploading it to YouTube or to a podcasting site.

Or, if you're really serious about podcasting, you may wish to use professional recording equipment in a studio. 

Our research guide "How to Create Podcasts" provides more information on this topic.

Library of Congress: Podcasts

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