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St. Clair County Community College Library


This library guide provides an introduction to library resources related to Physics courses.

Examples of Everyday Physics


swimming AND (resistance OR drag)

"baseball swing" AND "rotational dynamics"

"shot put" AND "translational dynamics"

"peacock feather" AND structure

velocity AND bowling

biokinetics OR biomechanics

gymnast* AND "angular momentum"

"golf swing" AND "rotational dynamics"

"ice cream" AND thermodynamics

sunburn AND "electromagnetic wave"

kayaking AND (displacement OR acceleration OR velocity)

diving AND "vertical velocity"

"gun recoil" AND "translational dynamics"

toaster AND physics

seatbelt* AND "kinetic energy"

television AND waves

bow AND "potential energy"

("lake ice" OR iceberg) AND buoyancy

rainbow AND refraction

"road salt" AND thermodynamics

"cell phone" AND (waves OR frequencies)


Recommended resources

Interlibrary loan

Any article not available in the SC4 Library collections may be requested through interlibrary loan. Interlibrary loan request processing time can vary from a matter of hours to ten days, depending on the availability of the item requested. As this assignment has an associated time deadline, please note the following if requesting an item through ILL. 

If you request an item through interlibrary loan for this assignment, you must either: print and have a librarian sign the article abstract or interlibrary loan confirmation to acknowledge that the article has been requested or contact Kendra Lake  for confirmation 

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