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Production of Patterns and the Patterns events are made possible by financial support from St. Clair County Community College and SC4 Friends of the Arts. 

For more information, contact

Patterns Visual Arts or (810) 989-5617
Patterns Writing or (810) 989-5578
SC4 Friends of the Arts or (810) 989-5709


1960-1969 (2nd - 11th ed.)

1960 (2nd ed.) 1965 (7th ed.)
1961 (3rd ed.) 1966 (8th ed.)
1962 (4th ed.) 1967 (9th ed.)
1963 (5th ed.) 1968 (10th ed.)
1964 (6th ed.) 1969 (11th ed.)


1969 (11th ed.)