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This library research guide provides an introduction to library resources related to art and painting courses.

Audiovisual Resources

Streaming videos are viewable online. Search for more using the Films on Demand Database or AVON: Academic Video Online.


Mixing it up in Watercolor

Charles is a professional watercolor artist from Australia. His work has been described as creative, brilliant and evocative and in this film the emphasis is on variety. His approach is to use a subject as a catalyst to design and produce a painting. He simplifies the complex to produce paintings which are realistic but with an abstract feel, changing the mood, light and tone to suit his concept.


Vibrant Oils

Haidee-Jo is a professional artist who specializes in painting in oils. She works as much as possible “en plein air,” has excellent drawing skills and produces fresh and vibrant paintings which glow with light and color. In this film, Haidee-Jo chooses to paint on the Roseland Peninsula, one of her favorite parts of Cornwall. She selects seascapes - boats at anchor and a muddy estuary at low tide, as well as the pier at St Mawes at high tide. Other subjects include a sunlit garden shed surrounded by flowers and a quirky scene of an old milking parlor and shed.




DVDs must be viewed in the library. Search for more using the SC4 Library Catalog.