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Open Education & OER

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Hayley Bommarito

Associate Dean of Electronic Resources & Library Services

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Kendra Lake

Dean of Library Services

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Jane Lewandoski

Information & Education Services Librarian

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Rob McGregor

Director of Academic Technologies

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Open Education & OER

This resource has been created to provide support for open education at St. Clair County Community College. This guide will help user gain understanding of what open means in education, how to find & evaluate OER, and provides research and resources for continued professional growth. 

What does Open mean at SC4?

The Open Education team at St. Clair County Community College supports and advocates open on campus. In 2017, the team made a recommendation to define what open meant to us.

"Open at SC4 is the institutional willingness and ability to aid its instructors in utilizing Open Educational Resources and moving their courses in a more open direction if they wish to do so."

Except where noted, Open Education & OER is licensed CC BY 4.0 and is adapted from "The OER Starter Kit" by Abby Elder  licensed under CC BY 4.0