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How to Use NetTutor

This guide offers information and resources related to using NetTutor in Canvas.

NetTutor & Canvas

How to access NetTutor

  • Log in to Canvas
  • Click on the NetTutor link on the left-hand side
  • Select your subject 
  • Choose which type of tutoring you would like: live, submit a question, or submit a paper

NetTutor Support

Requirements for accessing NetTutor:

  • Minimum Browser: An HTML5-compatible browser (Internet Explorer 10+, Chrome 28+, Firefox 28+, Safari 7+)

  • Internet Connection: 56k or greater

  • Security: Make sure cookies are enabled and pop-ups are allowed for

Need technical assistance?


If you have an issue viewing any material on because of difficulties with assistive technologies or to request an accommodation, please contact the LSI/NetTutor Support team for assistance: