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Kanopy - Current Titles

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Current Kanopy Titles

The A-Z list below reflects SC4 Library's current active licenses for Kanopy videos.

All of the titles below are available for unlimited viewing until the date of expiration.

  • To search for a video on the Kanopy Streaming Service platform, go to:
  • If you wish to view a film that is currently unavailable, please use the Kanopy request form, which you will see below any currently unavailable video. Please provide as much information as possible in this form - i.e. what course it is for, whether you are a student or faculty member, when you need access and why.
  • Off campus? To access these streaming videos, you will be prompted to enter your SC4 Portal Username and Password. Please contact the library if you are having trouble.

Kanopy FAQs

List of currently owned Kanopy titles A-Z