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St. Clair County Community College Library

How to Create Podcasts

This library research guide provides an introduction to creating and sharing podcasts.

Getting Started with Podcasts

Podcasting Equipment

Podcast Planning

  1. Think of an idea, theme, or topic you are:
    • Knowledgeable in
    • Passionate about
    • Excited to discuss and share with others 
  2. Write a script, notes, or an outline so that you're prepared to speak about your topic and so that you have a guideline for how your podcast will be produced.
  3. Set up and know how to use your equipment. You will likely need:
    • a microphone
    • headphones
    • filter
    • computer software
    • recording equipment
  4. Record, edit, transcribe, and upload your podcast.
  5. Choose your host. YouTube, SoundCloud, and Podbean are free hosting sites.
  6. Market your podcast to grow your audience!