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Graphic Novels, Comic Books, Anime, and Manga

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Welcome! This library research guide provides an introduction to library resources related to Graphic Novels, Comics, Anime, and Manga.

This guide will assist you in finding books, e-books, scholarly journal articles, streaming videos, websites, and more that will help you research topics in this subject.

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A Graphic Novel is defined as:

        "a work of fiction or nonfiction that tells a story using comic strips and that is published as a book."

A Comic Book is defined as:

        "a magazine containing sequences of comic strips —usually hyphenated in attributive use."

Anime is defined as:

"a class of animation originally developed for the Japanese market with a distinctly Japanese cultural sensibility."

Manga is defined as:

            "a Japanese cartoon genre found in comic books and animated films, characteristically on science-fiction or fantasy themes."




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Best Bets

ENG 257 Comic and Graphic Novel Research Guide

This library research guide provides resources related to ENG 257 Comics and Graphic Novels.

eng 257 research guide homepage

The Graphic Novel: An Introduction

This book provides both students and scholars with a critical and historical introduction to the graphic novel. Jan Baetens and Hugo Frey explore this exciting form of visual and literary communication, showing readers how to situate and analyze graphic novels since their rise to prominence half a century ago.

book cover

Studying Comics and Graphic Novels

This introduction to studying comics and graphic novels is a structured guide to a popular topic. It deploys new cognitive methods of textual analysis and features activities and exercises throughout.

book cover

Comix: Beyond the Comic Book Pages: Inside the Comic Book Industry

An exciting new feature film documentary about the world of comic books told through the thoughts and images of the creators, artists, writers, collectors, store owners, independent publishers, and especially the passionate fans who have made it the phenomenon that it is today.

Off-campus? Enter your SC4 Portal username and password to view this streaming video.

comic books

Manga: An Anthology of Global and Cultural Perspectives

 Containing sections addressing the manga industry on an international scale, the different genres, formats and artists, as well the fans themselves, Manga: An Anthology of Global and Cultural Perspectives is an important collection of essays by an international cast of scholars, experts, and fans, and provides a one-stop resource for all those who want to learn more about manga, as well as for anybody teaching a course on the subject.

book cover

CredoReference: Comic Books and Graphic Novels

CredoReference Topic Page: Anime

CredoReference Topic Page: Manga

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