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Electronic Resources

Use this research guide to search and explore the library' s electronic resources.

Library Research Guides Off-Campus Access

Off campus? To access library content from research guides such as journal articles, e-books, databases, streaming videos, etc., you will be prompted to enter your Portal Username and Password.

Library research guides:

  • Are a collection of different resources related to a specific topic, course, program, or subject
  • Include e-books, e-journals, articles, streaming videos, credible websites, and other relevant resources
  • Often contain open access content, web resources, and other materials that do not require authentication or sign-in

Please contact the library if you are having trouble.

Browse Library Research Guides

Browse research and topic guides by subject, or use the search below.



Why Use a Library Research Guide?

There are many great reasons to use a research guide when studying or researching!


7 reasons to use library research guides