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ENG 231 World Literature II

Resources for Jim Frank's ENG 231 class

Marie de la Vergne de la Lafayette

Immanuel Kant

Denis de Diderot


Mary Wollstonecraft

Thomas Paine

Olympe de Gouges

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Mary Shelley

John Keats

Gustave Flaubert

Stephen Crane

Anton Chekhov

James Joyce

Albert Camus

Walt Whitman

Emily Dickinson

Charles Baudelaire

If copy of Flowers of Evil above is unavailable, use the copy below or contact a reference librarian.

Arthur Rimbaud

Louisa May Alcott

T.S. Eliot

William Butler Yeats

Kathryn Ann Porter

Jorge Luis Borges

See your Canvas course for access to this reading.

Clarice Lispector

Anna Seghers