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ENG 101 Information Literacy Program Dr. Bryzik

Finding Materials Using OneSearch

The library OneSearch box found on the SC4 Library homepage will help you find a wide variety of library resources. It searches almost all of the 200+ library databases at once. You can use it to find peer reviewed journal articles, magazine and newspaper articles, streaming videos, ebooks, print books, audio recordings ...

Below is a video showing how to narrow your OneSearch search results to scholarly and peer reviewed materials, ebooks, and audiovisual items. The next tabs are individual videos and screen shots on narrowing your search results.

Using OneSearch to Find Library Materials - Written Directions

Below is an example of how to find cybersecurity materials using OneSearch on the library homepage . Most of the library databases and OneSearch will even generate the MLA citation for you to copy and paste into a Word document.

For example, searching for material on "wireless networks" AND security is shown below. 


CIS OneSearch wireless networks


Below is a list of the results.




Use the limiters in the left-hand column of your results to narrow your search results. I am going to narrow results to those available online through the library databases. 


CIS last 5 years


Use the limiters in the left-hand column to narrow the results to materials published within the last five years, if desired. 


CIS last 5 years


Below is an article that looks interesting. 


CIS interesting article


Clicking on the title will present more details. 


CIS article details


The ProQuest databases will also generate the MLA citation for you to copy and paste into your Works Cited page. 


CIS MLA citation



You can also find ebooks on the topic. 


CIS OneSearch limited to ebooks


An example of an ebook from the results is shown below.


CIS ebook


You are always welcome to contact a reference librarian if you need help!