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Need help incorporating IL Gen. Ed. Competency outcomes into your course? The following people may help you.

  • Reference librarians at the SC4 library
  • CIS Faculty
    • Ann Konarski
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Guidelines from Middle States Commission on Higher Education:

"Information literacy supports pedagogy focused on the development of effective research, critical thinking, and writing or other communication skills. Most faculty can identify these key characteristics in courses they currently are teaching. Instead of creating new courses based on an entirely new concept, the current classes faculty teach can become starting points for creating a more structured information literacy initiative, one in which information literacy strategies are incorporated within courses in the major fields of study."

Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Developing Research & Communication Skills: Guidelines for Information in the Curriculum. 2003.

Citing Sources links

Citing Sources MLA Style and Plagiarism

Below is a list of resources to help you avoid plagiarism and cite your sources correctly.