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RAD Resources: BoardVitals

This guide supports the Radiologic Technology program at SC4 and includes a preliminary list of journals, videos, websites, databases, and books. Suggestions and purchase recommendations are encouraged.

Accessing and using BoardVitals


Students in the Rad Tech program will be using Board Vitals in class. If you have not previously logged into Board Vitals, an account will be set up for you. 

If you have not logged into Board Vitals previously, use your SC4 email address ( and password boardvitals

When an exam is assigned by your instructor, you will receive an email to your SC4 email stating an exam has been assigned to you. 


Learn how to download the Board Vitals mobile app!


To take an exam that has been assigned: 

1. Click the link in the email

a new exam has been created for you email message


2. Begin the exam. Select the appropriate answer to each question, choose next to move forward through the test, and when you've completed the exam, choose "submit for grading". You must select "submit for grading" to officially turn in an exam for grading. 

answer a question in board vitals


submit an exam for grading


submit your exam


Once you've completed and submitted your exam for grading, an exam report will be generated to allow you to review your scores and answers. 

board vitals exam report





Accessing your Board Vitals Exam grades or re-take an exam

1. Log into BoardVitals

login to board vitals


2. Select Exams from the menu on the left side of the screen

select exams


3. If you have not yet completed and submitted an assigned exam for grading, you will see an option to "continue exam" . Only exams that you have not submitted for grading will have an option to continue exam.
continue exam


4. To view responses to a previously submitted and graded exam, select the "review report" or "review responses" button. Only exams that you have submitted for grading will have an associated exam report.

review exam report



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