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History 101 Information Literacy - Prof. Frank

Finding materials using OneSearch

Finding Materials Using OneSearch

The library OneSearch box found on the library homepage at will help you find a wide variety of library resources. It searches almost all of the 200+ library databases at once. You can use it to find peer reviewed journal articles, magazine and newspaper articles, streaming videos, ebooks, print books, audio recordings.

When off campus, you will be prompted to log into library materials with your SC4 portal username (up to the @ symbol) and password. 


Using OneSearch to Find Peer Reviewed Articles


The OneSearch box on the library homepage searches almost all of the library databases at once. Below are screenshots showing how to conduct a search looking for material on humor in Roman or Greek theatre. 

In the search string, we used OR between terms where we want to find either term: 

Roman OR Greek 

theatre OR drama 

comedy OR humor 

Put parentheses () around your OR terms so the search engine/database performs that part of the search first. The AND operator is used in between unlike terms. 

(Roman OR Greek) AND (theatre OR drama) AND (comedy OR humor)


OneSearch Roman theatre search


If you are only looking for peer reviewed articles, check that limiter in the left-hand column of the results. Note that there are many other ways to refine your search: by type (books, magazines, & more), date, discipline, etc.


OneSearch History Peer reviewed



The sixth article in the list of results narrowed to peer reviewed sources looks interesting: "Social Networking among Women in Greek and Roman Comedy."  



OneSearch Social Networking article



The Full Text Online link presents more information and the full text of the article. The full text is often available in both html and PDF formats. Use the PDF whenever available because it will look like the original article including any charts, grafts, or pictures, and is easy to download to whatever device you are using. 

OneSearch will link to whatever database the article is located in. It works like a big index to the library collection. This article is from one of the library's ProQuest databases, but the interface of an article you pull up might look differently. 


Social Networking record



Most of the library databases will show you how to cite an article in both MLA and APA formats. If the database does not show you how to cite, you can always get the citation from the quotation marks "" link in the OneSearch results. 

ProQuest shows you multiple ways to cite your article. Choose the correct one for you class. 



History choose citation style



Copy and paste the citation into your Works Cited page. 



Social Networking citation




Article not available in full text online?

Sometimes you will come across an article that is not available in full text through the library. You may be only able to pull up an abstract or summary. If you would like to obtain the full text, you can complete an interlibrary loan form. The button for interlibrary loan is available directly on the library homepage. The service is free for current students. The article will be emailed to you as soon as we receive it from another library which is usually within a few days.

Need help? Contact a reference librarian!