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ENG 102 Jacoby

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  • Using Credo Reference, Gale eBooks (formerly Gale Virtual Reference Library), or Gale Literature Resource Center (links below) find a comprehensive biography of your author: Who were they? When did they live and write? Where did they live? What was their daily life like?  What movement is classifies their work? What are some key events in their life or recurring themes in their work? 
  • Note the setting, plot and themes found in your story. Who were the characters? Where and when is the story set? How do they compare with the author's personal story? 
  • Using World or U.S. History in Context research what life was like for people living in your author's era and, if different, for people living in the context of their stories. What are some major historical events? What political movements took place? What were some of the social issues of the day?  What was controversial, what affected the day to day lifestyle of people during that time? What was the quality of life like for someone like your author of the characters in their stories? 


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