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ENG 102 Frank

Resources for Research

Foster Child Abuse Prevention

Health Savings Accounts & High Risk Pools

"health savings accounts" AND "low income"

"high risk pools". There are two time periods of popular discussion of this top. Try to narrow the articles to the last year or so after looking over the older ones.

Water Pollution in Rural America

rural AND "water pollution"

Ecological Effects of Landfills: Community safety & limits

"ecological effects" AND landfills

Invasive Species AND the Great Lakes

Therapies for Veterans: Assisting resumption of private lives

Best Social Development Programs in Preschools

Race & Sentencing

Race AND "judges' sentencing", or simply: race AND sentencing.

Student Loans: Worth the negatives on the bottom line

"student loan debt" AND analysis

School Vouchers: Effects on student outcomes

"school vouchers" AND grades

Importing Water from the Great Lakes

Responses to Foreign Sources of Pollution in the United States

Effects of Fake News

Media Censorship

(censorship OR censored) AND news

Problems of GMOs

Fast Food Restaurants: Effect on obesity

"fast food restaurants" AND "cause obesity"

Protecting Customer Privacy vs. the Governments Ability to Investigate Crimes

Waste Management Issues

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