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Business Law 153 - Landrum

This library research guide provides an introduction to library resources related to Business Law 153.

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BUS 153

      "This course is a practical approach to law that emphasizes current and relevant topics students need to understand about business transactions and issues, such as contracts, property, employer/employee relations, and insurance." ~SC4 Catalog

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Campus Research - Westlaw Next Database

Campus Research is an easy-to-use online research service that provides college and university students with access to a comprehensive collection of news and business information and law-related resources.



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The Law of Corporations in a Nutshell

For use in Landrum's BUS 153 class.

West's Business Law with Online Research Guide

This text is used at more colleges and universities than any other business law text. With the perfect balance of tradition and innovation, this benchmark text brings to life the functions and inner-workings of business law in the real world. Rich with classic and modern cases, West's Business Law is the ideal text for students entering virtually any field of business. By combining this market leading text with a complete supplements and technology package, this is the one clear choice in business law courses.

Sources of American Law: An Introduction to Legal Research

"At its most basic definition the practice of law comprises conducting research to find relevant rules of law and then applying those rules to the specific set of circumstances faced by a client. However, in American law, the legal rules to be applied derive from myriad sources, complicating the process and making legal research different from other sorts of research."

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Introduction to Basic Legal Citation

This is not a comprehensive citation reference work. Its limited aim is to serve as a tutorial on how to cite the most widely referenced types of U.S. legal material, taking account of local norms and the changes in citation practice forced by the shift from print to electronic sources. It begins with an introductory unit. That is followed immediately by one on "how to cite" the categories of authority that comprise a majority of the citations in briefs and legal memoranda. Using the full table of contents one can proceed through this material in sequence. The third unit, organized around illustrative examples, is intended to be used either for review and reinforcement of the prior "how to" sections or as an alternative approach to them. One can start with it since the illustrative examples for each document type are linked back to the relevant "how to" principles.

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