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Women's History

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Welcome! This library research guide provides an introduction to library resources related to Women's History Month and women's history courses. This guide will assist you in finding books, e-books, scholarly journal articles, streaming videos, websites, and more that will help you research topics in this subject.

women's history




"Women's History Month started as International Women's Day (celebrated on March 8 and is a holiday in some countries) in 1909. In 1978, the Sonoma Californa school district developed Women's History Week (around the week of March 8). Over the next year, other school districts, communities, and organizations had their own Women's History Week celebrations. From these events came calls for a National Women's History Week. This was federally recognized in 1980 by President Jimmy Carter.

The first joint Congressional resolution for the President to proclaim Women's History Week occurred in 1981. After petitions by the National Women's History Project, the proclamations were changed to Women's History Month starting in 1987. The first presidential proclamation that was not prompted by Congressional resolution was in 1995. Presidential proclamations that March is Women's History month have occurred to this day. In addition to presidential proclamations, states departments of education encourage their school districts to incorporate women's history activities (essay contests, programs/speakers, curriculum materials) during March to celebrate Women's History Month."


Image and Text: ALASU LibGuides, Accessed 25 Feb. 2017.

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