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Index and archive of Continuum: The St. Clair County Community College Journal of Mathematics.

Continuum coverWelcome to Continuum, a journal published on a yearly or twice-yearly basis by St. Clair County Community College Math faculty.  

The intent of this publication is to offer articles on a variety of mathematical and pedagogical subjects and at a variety of levels, though all of the contents will be challenging reading. 

The reason for the existence of this journal, originally, was simply that some of us on the mathematics faculty had some ideas we wanted to share - ideas that we had used with some success in our classes.  From time to time, we make a small discovery or find a new way to present our content. We realized that, although many professional journals exist, there was no ready market for exactly the sort of material we had.  When one of us originated the concept of an in-house journal, it quickly became apparent that this would serve several purposes.  We could not only communicate our ideas more fully and fluently within our discipline, but we could share them with students and colleagues.  We are proud of what we do in the mathematics division, and we have too few opportunities to introduce our colleagues to these ideas.

It is our hope that this journal will stimulate questions and discussion, even criticism.  To this end, we invite letters containing reactions and suggestions, as well as questions and corrections.  We will publish a sample of these letters in our next issue.  Please direct them to the editors.

Continuum includes brief summaries of some extraordinary student work as well.  The names of the students are listed in the article.

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