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How to Navigate the Library

This guide provides an introduction to library resources and how to find, evaluate, use, and cite them.
All SC4 library online resources are accessible from off campus. 


When attempting to access a subscribed resource from the SC4 library website you will need the following:

1. SC4 Portal username (user name you use to log into SC4 computers, the SC4 Portal, and your SC4 email. Example: jsmith)

2. SC4 Portal Password (same password you use to log into SC4 computers, the SC4 Portal, and your SC4 email). 

The login screen should look similar to the image below. Successful login will redirect you to the library resource. The login session is good for the duration of your browser session, but may time out after 30 minutes of inactivity.


  log into sc4 resources off campus


Technical requirements

SC4 Library's off-campus access is compatible with all major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and is accessible via computer, tablet or mobile device.

Be sure to set your browser to accept cookies. 

Trouble logging in?

Are you using the correct username/password combination?

Be sure to enter your SC4 Portal username, not your SC4 email address. Your portal username is beginning of your SC4 email address (minus the or part) 

If you've lost or forgotten your SC4 Portal password, reset your password at

Are you a current student or employee? 

Only current students, staff, and faculty may access SC4 digital resources from off campus. If you are a student and are not currently registered for any classes, your access is suspended until your next registered term.