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Textbooks on reserve

List of available textbooks on reserve at SC4 Library

Textbooks on reserve at SC4 Library

Some instructors have placed a copy of the textbook for their class on reserve in the library to assist students in their studies. Textbooks are placed on reserve on a semester-by-semester basis and are available as closed reserve items for in-library use only. 

All textbooks placed on reserve are listed here by academic discipline. Additional supplemental reading and audiovisual items placed on reserve by instructors are listed by course on the library's course reserve page.  

Helpful study tools and technology are listed on the study tools page.

Don't see your course listed? Talk to your instructor and ask them if they would place a copy on reserve at the library.

Faculty members

Want to place a copy of your course textbook, supplemental material, or learning object on reserve in the library? Simply complete the form below and send a copy of your text via inter-office mail to SC4 Library, attn: Reserves